8 tips for removing stress when moving house

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There are a lot of reasons why people feel stressed about moving house. Change brings with it a certain amount of anticipation and trepidation. However, moving house doesn’t need to be stressful if you are prepared in advance. We like to remove the problems before they have the chance to arise, so here are 8 tips for removing stress when moving house.

1. Choose a reputable removal company ahead of time

Choosing a reputable removal company is important, as they will provide you with the assurance you need for a smooth move.  Having trained personnel and all the right equipment takes the strain out of corralling family and friends into heavy lifting in the heat of the moment.  Plus, a decent removal company will guide you through the process and help you meet your moving plan and goals.  If you need storage or other services, they should be able to tie these into your moving plan. Check to see if they are BAR-approved and read their recent customer reviews. Gather several quotes to compare costs and if you can speak to them on the phone, you will get a sense of their customer service policy. It’s important to have a friendly, flexible team you feel comfortable communicating with throughout the process.

2. Prepare your moving house list and folder

Once you have a good removal team, they can advise you on your moving checklist.  Essentially, you want to create a folder where you can keep all the paperwork related to the move in one place. Then you will want to have a moving house task list for the various stages of the process, so when it gets overwhelming you can return to the list.  The different stages will involve researching your move, then the finalizing of contracts, and all the various administration involved, plus your packing strategy and program. This list should see you through to the other side and the folder will also contain all your inventories and relevant records of your possessions.  Having a floorplan of the house you are moving to will help you make decisions about furniture and where items will be heading. This will help your packing process. Here are some examples of paperwork for your moving house folder:

  • Moving house checklist
  • Floorplans of the new location, plans of the garden
  • Inventories
  • Utility companies for both locations
  • Parking restriction information for the new location
  • Receipts and bills related to services for the moving process
  • Useful phone numbers

3. Declutter and recycle well in advance

What tends to trip people up when moving house, is their clutter.  Because you must decide what is going to stay and what is going to go.  This is a process that needs a bit of space and time and doesn’t mix well with last-minute deadlines.  So, make sure you begin to sift through your possessions well in advance and decide what needs to be donated, recycled, or as a last resort, dumped.  One way of making this process smooth is to find out the best local spots to donate items, where you can recycle them, and where you can dispose of them.

4. Pack according to plan and strategy

The strategy for packing is to stick to the plan. The plan is to carefully pack room by room, so on the other side everything can be unpacked room by room. If your boxes are clearly labelled for the room they are going to, your removal team will be able to place them directly in the correct room.  Consider these points for your plan:

  • Source your complete packing materials in advance. This includes boxes, marker pens, tape, paper and bubblewrap where needed.
  • Pack on a room-by-room basis
  • Start with the least essential items to pack away
  • Label all the boxes and make an inventory
  • Label the boxes with their contents and the room they belong to
  • Pack a survival kit of all your essentials for setting up on the other side. This travels with you at all times.

5. Make clear decisions about what to keep

This will be part of the decluttering stage of your process, but you will want to consider if all your existing furniture will fit or work in your new location. Having a floor plan and dimensions of the doorways of your new place will help you ascertain if your furniture will fit and work in the new place.  Disposing of furniture can be difficult and it is better to donate it to the various charities which can come and collect it from you. Contact the British Heart Foundation or The Salvation Army if you have furniture you would like to donate. Alternatively, you can arrange to store excess possessions for a time until you have space for them or wish to sell them later.  A good long-term storage solution can work in such a situation. If you think you will need access to them in the short term, then a flexible storage solution will be the answer.

6. Moving house administration tasks

Having these tasks all ticked off on your list will make the move plain sailing. You will not miss any mail and you will be able to stay on top of the technicalities of change of address.

  • Inform all relevant people, businesses, and services about your change of address
  • Set up a Royal Mail re-direction mail service to your new address
  • End your council tax payments at one address and set up at the next
  • Set up utilities at your new location
  • Take meter readings on moving day at both locations
  • Research the parking restrictions and apply for residents parking permits at your new location

7. Cleaning and DIY

Take the edge out of last-minute cleaning by organizing an end-of-tenancy clean to assist you on your way. If you want your place cleaned before you arrive, you could do the same.  Burke and Wills have a range of property services, including professional cleaning services, as well as painting and decorating and handymen.  If you need to have someone touch up the paintwork at the property you are leaving, we can assist you. To get your full deposit back you may need a bit of a hand, or you may need expert help to get you set up in your new home. Our property services are flexible without long waiting times and come with no obligation quotes.  Plus, in the event of unforeseen emergencies at your new location, you can rely on our locksmiths, handymen, and plumbers to be available.

8. Take your time

If you can follow these steps in plenty of time, there shouldn’t be any hidden surprises, and you can take your time at each step of the way.  Burke and Wills are a family-friendly removal and storage company, that has built its reputation in SW London through word of mouth.  We specialize in a friendly, stress-free service that is good value for money. If you are planning a move, we can do a quick video survey and supply you with a very accurate quote within days. Check out our customer reviews and get in touch with our team today!