How to occupy the kids on moving day

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Moving day can be exciting and scary for kids. They’ll probably feel excited about having a whole new playground to explore and sad about saying goodbye to home. Meanwhile, you have a million and one different things to sort out, so really can’t afford a meltdown (from the kids, not you). With tensions running so high, here’s how you can occupy the kids on moving day and keep everyone happy.

occupying kids on moving day

Give them a job to do

As there’s so much going on in the house, most kids will try to get involved. If you tell them to go away or entertain themselves, they’ll probably feel rejected and get upset. Give each of your children a job to do instead. Keep it simple and make a big deal of how much they’re helping you. Your toddler might be in charge of holding the picnic you’ve made for the journey, while you could ask your older kid to make a grocery list for the new house. If they do their jobs properly, treat them with a film or something special for dinner that night.

Let them pack a moving bag

Small kids can get very nervous about moving house, so it can help to have familiar, comforting things with them. Let them fill a bag with a few favourite things, which they can take with them in the car. You could add few treats in there too as a surprise for the trip.

Ask someone to look after them

If you’re really worried about the move, why not ask a friend or relative to take the kids for a fun day out? That way, you can get everything done and have the kids join you after.

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