Moving abroad? Don’t forget to arrange marine insurance

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Moving

Moving abroad is a big life change, and it comes with a lot of things to organise and consider: Securing a new job, getting your visa, and finding a new home. And before you can embark on your new life, in a new country or continent, you’ll likely need to ship your belongings across an ocean.

marine insurance

Across the international moving industry, everyone involved in the shipping of household goods knows the importance of marine insurance that provides cover for their clients’ possessions. Marine insurance is an additional cost to moving abroad, but it is a small price to pay to protect against the possibility of losing your belongings such as a favourite armchair, a prized family heirloom or your child’s beloved toys. All of the personal possessions that make your house a home.

If you’re planning to ship your possessions across the globe to your new home it’s important to ensure that you’re covered if anything goes wrong. There are numerous videos online featuring worrying images of shipping containers filled with goods disappearing into the sea – all highlighting the risks associated with overseas moves.

Thankfully these incidents are rare, with the majority of marine cargo reaching its destination safely, but there’s no reason for you to add to the stress and anxiety of an international home move by skimping on something that can bring you comfort and security.

Nevertheless, accidents can happen – as a result of human error or acts of nature – and when something does go wrong the outcomes can be devastating. As Malcolm Pearson, Managing Director of Reason Global, a BAR affiliate and a recognised marine insurance leader in the removal trade explains: “The problem many people moving abroad face is the mammoth overseas journey that their goods take. This includes the role other parties play in it, be that the container ships the goods travel on, the ports they are cleared and sometimes inspected at, or the warehouses they might need to be stored in awaiting final delivery – all things that are very much beyond the control of any customer. Trusted overseas movers like Burke & Wills will always use trusted supply chains and also ensure their clients have the necessary insurance in place to provide the relevant compensation should accidents occur on these journeys.

We’re here to help. Besides carefully export packing your possessions, Burke & Wills can offer advice regarding custom duties, prepare of export inventory and arrange customs clearance for your effects and arrange competitive and suitable marine insurance through Reason Global.

Let us help you get off on the right track so you can relax and enjoy your new life abroad.