Moving overseas checklist for work or study

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Moving

So, school or university is over, you’ve finished your exams, and now you’re moving abroad to study or work. Are you all prepared for the big move? Could you have forgotten anything? Use our moving overseas checklist to make sure you’ve remembered all the essentials.

Moving overseas checklist


  • Confirm job/place on course: Get written confirmation of your job or study place from your employer or course provider. You may need this for your visa application.
  • Apply for working/student visa: Check the country’s government website to find out if you need a visa, and what type. It can take a few months to apply for a visa. 
  • Book flights: It’s a good idea to book open return flights so that you can come back whenever you want. And remember, the earlier you book, the cheaper they’ll be. Do check that your visa doesn’t require you to have an exact return date though.
  • Get travel insurance: You need to get travel insurance that covers you to work or study abroad, as well as any activities you’ll be doing (e.g. extreme sports).
  • Arrange shipping: If you’re planning on moving for a while, you’ll probably have quite a lot of stuff to bring with you. Check with the airline to see what their excess luggage fees are. It might actually be cheaper to pack for your first month and then get the rest of your possessions shipped. Burke & Wills offers an affordable overseas removal service that is ideal for students moving abroad to work or study.
  • Check passport is valid: Make sure your passport is in date and that it won’t expire while you’re away. It also needs to have enough pages free. 
  • Organise accommodation: Make sure you have a place to stay for at least the first few weeks.
  • Sort bank account: Talk to your bank about how best to access your money while you’re away. You might want to use a bank that’s a member of Global ATM Alliance. 
  • Get international driving permit: Some countries require UK driving licence holders to have an international driving permit. You can check if you need one here.
  • Unlock phone and get new sim: This will mean you can use your phone while you’re away. Your network provider should be able to sort this for you.
  • Make a folder of important paperwork: Keep your visa details, course/job details, birth certificate, medical records, vaccination certificate and other documents in a folder. You could also make copies to leave with your family or a friend at home. 

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