Packing for Storage

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This Burke and Wills Guide to packing for storage will get you prepared for the process ahead. While major life transitions are daunting, it really is a step-by-step procedure. With a bit of foresight and preparation, packing for storage can be a valuable part of the moving process.  Follow these steps to get organized and so that you don’t underestimate what is involved and factor in too little time when you get close to moving time.


  1. Planning in advance
  2. Packing materials
  3. Inventory
  4. Declutter
  5. Weight and packing
  6. Packing furniture
  7. Packing Mirrors
  8. Packing Art
  9. Drain fuel from garden machinery
  10. Mattress storage bags
  11. Defrost the freezer in advance
  12. Reach out to the experts
  13. Storage options with Burke and Wills

Planning in advance

Forward thinking is key to having a stress-free move. Just mentally arranging in your mind what items are going into storage and factoring in how long it will take to dismantle them and pack them will help you understand your moving timeline better.  If you are going to use a packing service from a removals and storage team, then you will only need to decide what items will be going into storage and then you can direct your team. However, if you want to pack yourself, here are some important points to consider.

Packing materials

Assemble all your materials in advance. Depending on the length of your storage period and your budget you will want to invest in packing materials that suit your situation. Over time, plastic bags can create moisture in a storage container and so are not advised depending on the duration of storage.  All of this will depend on whether the place you are storing your belongings is vermin-proof and temperature-controlled.  If not, then you will need to use plastic boxes as cardboard, wood, and cloth will be subject to potential damage and mould over time.

  • Plastic clear stackable boxes
  • Cardboard boxes in a range of sizes
  • Wooden crates
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Labels
  • Pens
  • Wrapping paper, newspaper, tissue paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape, duct tape, masking tape
  • Dust sheets
  • Heavy duty reusable shopping bags
  • Cotton tote bags
  • Heavy duty garden bags for outdoor tools and equipment


When packing boxes always label the boxes and make an inventory of the contents. This will help you later when you are unpacking and in transit, or if you need to find something from your storage space quickly.  It is also a good process for you to mentally account for everything which is being relocated.


Decluttering is an important part of the process, where you relinquish those items that will not make it to the next phase.  Paying to store items you are not going to use and see no future for can accelerate the letting go process.

Weight and packing

Bear in mind your heavy items have to go at the bottom of the boxes you pack. Try to distribute the weight across your packing system so it is easy to lift the boxes you are packing. Pack heavy items with light ones where possible.  Consider how many book boxes you may have and plan your packing materials accordingly.

Packing furniture

When packing and dissembling furniture, take photos along the way for the reassembly process. Tape any screws, alum keys, and bolts to the furniture in small plastic bags, so they are complete sets. If you have furniture covers, put them on at the end, or use dust sheets as a way of protecting your furniture in transit and storage.

Packing mirrors

No one has time for 7 years of bad luck, so make sure your mirrors are packed well. One method to safeguard against shattering and further mishaps is to tape a large X across the mirror so that the glass holds its form. You can take that further and tape a grid across the mirror.  Use cardboard to create edge reinforcements for square and rectangular mirrors and don’t scrimp on the bubble wrap and cardboard.

Packing artwork

Similarly to the mirrors, you can make corner reinforcements for your artwork from cardboard and use cardboard to hold your artwork and its bubble wrap in place. If you are using a removal team, they should be accustomed to transporting artwork. Sourcing large cardboard boxes and pieces will be important if you are packing yourself.

Drain fuel from machinery

It’s easy to overlook the garage, basement and shed when planning a move, but good to have them factored into the equation. If you are moving and storing petrol-based garden equipment you will want to drain fuel from their tanks in advance. Similarly, this is a good moment to dispose of all other hazardous products that will not be moving with you.

Mattress storage bags

If you are between houses and storing your mattresses, it is worth investing in mattress storage bags to preserve them. Vacuum your mattresses thoroughly before sliding them into mattress storage bags. To keep the form of a mattress it is recommended to store them horizontally.  Storing a mattress in an awkward or vertical position can distort the mattress and devalue it over time.

Defrost the freezer in advance

With a forthcoming move on the cards, it’s a good time to start using up everything in the freezer so you can easily defrost it with plenty of time. Declutter any old lingering food from the freezer and begin to use its contents up, so when it comes to it the freezer is empty and ready for transit.

Reach out to the experts

When it comes to moving large and valuable items into storage, it is worth having expert help. Along with expert help comes the right equipment, vehicles, and insurance.  Plus, storage has become such an important part of the removals trade, that prices are competitive and there are different options because everyone has different needs when it comes to moving house or office.  Sometimes just getting a free, no-obligation quote will help you to realize the scope of your move and your storage needs. Burke and Wills offer a swift video survey and so can give you an informed idea of how much storage space you may require and what it would cost to get the experts on board.

Storage Options with Burke and Wills

For quick and easy access to your belongings, self-storage is the answer.  Wherever you are in London we can set you up with a convenient and competitive self-storage solution.  In between moves, or as a safeguard for expensive equipment, a secure and temperature-controlled storage unit can provide you with space and peace of mind.  Whether it is in between moves, a renovation, or for business use, self-storage is the most flexible option when you may need to locate and use items you have stored.  Burke and Wills family-friendly removal and storage packages are the answer when moving house in Southwest London.

Our container storage system can start at your home or office. Our team can pack, wrap, and log all your items in an inventory system, and then transport them into storage.  If you are going to use storage for more than 3 months, then you can take advantage of our free collection service within Southwest London. With an internal space of 250 cubic feet, our large wooden storage containers are 7ft, 7ft, by 5ft. Whenever you are ready to have the contents delivered back, we just deliver the same container back and unpack on your behalf. To discuss your storage needs with our team get in touch and we can arrange a quick and simple video survey.  Check out our reviews to see why we are confident we can assist you!