Packing tips for moving home

by | May 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

Packing for a move can be the single most stressful part of moving home. At Burke and Wills removals we will do all of your packing for you to give you one less thing to worry about come moving day. Even if you do ask us to help with the packing, here are our top packing tips for moving home…

Storage Boxes

Start planning your packing as soon as your moving date is confirmed. Make a list of what you’ll be taking with you and ordering your packing supplies and materials. Our packing materials shop has all the essentials you need for packing up ready for a move: from bubble wrap and tissue paper to boxes and tape.

Have a thorough clear out and declutter before your move. Sell unused items or furniture that won’t be going to your new home on eBay (you may even make some money to go towards lovely new items for your new home). Throw away old, useless or broken items for recycling and clear out perishables and trash. The fewer things you move, the less money you will pay for packing later.

Take care of your precious breakable items such as glass, china, pictures, mirrors and electronic equipment. Use lots of bubble wrap and paper for maximum protection and make sure your removals team aware of which items are fragile so they can be packed with care.

Pack up and keep any small valuable items, medication, keys, phone chargers and any essential items you may need on a moment’s notice. The last thing you want is to misplace something important so it’s best to keep these things to one side before your packers arrive.

It’s always best to make sure any pets are safe and sound out of the way before the team arrive. As we all know, moving can be very stressful it can also have an impact on our pets. A lost pet is something we never want to happen!

Always take care to unpack properly. When unpacking ensure that all the white paper has been checked and that all the boxes are empty before collection. Occasionally bits and bobs can get left behind  and while we always endeavour to return your items back to you, sometimes it’s not possible able to identify the owner.