When is the best time to move house?

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Moving

There’s a lot to think about when picking a moving day. One of the most important considerations is whether you’ll be able to get the removals help you need. So, when is the best time to move house?

best time to move house


Avoid the school holidays! The busiest times to move house are in the school holidays – Easter and summer – because it’s easier to get time off work and you don’t have to take the kids out of school. Christmas is also busy, partly as it’s a school holiday, but also because everyone wants to be in their new home for Christmas.

Pick a weekday. The best times are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays outside term time. These days are usually the quietest because, if people are going to take a day off work to move, they’ll usually take off a Friday (or a Thursday and Friday) to turn it into a long weekend. The other good thing about moving at the start of the week is that your solicitor will still be in. So, if there’s an issue with the transfer of final funds on moving day, you’ll be able to contact your solicitor and get the help you need. If you move on a Friday and there’s an issue with completion, you’ll have to wait until Monday to sort it.

Wait until after Christmas. If you’re moving around Christmas, try to wait until the new year if you can. You’ll find it a lot easier to get the help you need and you won’t have all the pressure of trying to be settled by Christmas.

Book early. If you do need to move in peak time, book your removals as early as you can (at least a month before moving day). During the holidays, removals firms get booked up about 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

Whenever you plan to move house, you should start thinking about booking your removals as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Contact us to secure your slot with our reputable and friendly removals team.